Goals for the Town Plan

Goals of the Proposed 2010 Dummerston Town Plan

1. To Maximize opportunities for all residents to participate in all public processes.
2. To achieve a balance between development activities, preservation of natural resources,
and undeveloped land in Dummerston.
3. To protect the natural environment and its economic, ecological, and aesthetic benefits.
4. To preserve agricultural lands for agricultural use and maintain a strong agricultural
5. To preserve important forest land for sustainable forestry practices and support forest-
based industries.
6. To support the continuation of the Use Value Appraisal Program as a way of retaining
large tracts of farmland and forest land.
7. To encourage preservation of undeveloped land as an important element in shaping
Dummerston development patterns and in preserving its aesthetic and environmental
8. To protect surface and ground water quality and quantity for drinking and other domestic
uses, for fish and wildlife habit, and for recreational use.
To identify and balance the benefits and uses of sand, gravel and other mineral and earth
resources against the impacts associated with the extraction, processing, and
transportation of such resources.
10. To protect and enhance biological diversity in Dummerston.
11. To engage townspeople in protecting natural resources.
12. To be stewards for recreational and scenic resources essential to Dummerston’s
community’s character.
Dummerston Town Plan: Planning Commission Draft to Selectboard, 5/22/2010
13. To preserve and protect historic and cultural properties and sites.
14. To reduce total per-capita non-renewable energy consumption 40% by 2030 from a 2009
15. To provide for safe, economical, and energy-efficient transportation systems that respects
the integrity of the natural and social environment.
16. To create flexibility and diversity in Dummerston’s housing stock.
17. To provide quality education for all people in Dummerston.
18. To ensure that high quality, affordable child care is accessible to all children.
19. To support and promote the town’s current economic base to retain existing employment opportunities and increase availability of good quality employment opportunities.
20. To provide for the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community.
21. To provide an efficient system of community facilities and services.