The mission of the Dummerston Conservation Commission is to promote community responsibility and awareness of our conservation needs and to encourage stewardship of the natural habitat.

Annual Education Series – Focus on Weather

Wednesdays 10 – 12 pm Feb. 21 and 28 Evening Star Grange, Dummerston Center

Join us for the final two programs in our series.

Feb. 21 “The Effects of Human Interactions on Water Systems” with Todd Meness, River Management Engineer

Feb. 28 “Wildlife in a Changing Climate” with Tom Rogers, biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept.

If you missed our Feb.8 program “Focus on Weather” with Mark Breen you can view it here at BCTV.

and the Feb. 14 program “Focus on Weather Pt 2” with Vern Grubinger is here on BCTV

Details and more information on our Events page.

Educational Programs

Many of our educational programs are available on line at the Brattleboro Community Television Website or on BCTV Channel 8 or 10. You can find links to our programs by going to our Projects page and looking under Educational Programs. Here’s a link to Mark Breen’s program, “Focus on Weather.”

Deer in the Woods

Are there too many, too few or is the number just right? It’s a big question with many factors to consider. Watch our latest program on BCTV – Deer in the Woods. Read the article in the Brattleboro Reformer where Lynn Levine, forester and environmental educator, advocates for more hunting.  You may also want to read Deborah Luskin’s review and analysis, or listen to her commentary on VPR.


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Dummerston Sightings Blog

Check out the blog for news about recent sightings in our town. For information on posting your own sightings contact Lynn Levine (

Trail Guide to Prospect Hill

The new trail guide to Prospect Hill is now available. It can be printed out and folded into a small brochure. The guide is also available on site and at the Town Offices. The guide was created by the fifth grade at Dummerston School with help from environmental educator, Lynn Levine, and teacher, Lindsay Glabach. Thanks to the American Forest Foundation and the Dummerston Conservation Commission for their financial support.

Walks and Trails in Dummerston

This brochure (created by the Dummerston Conservation Commission) is available at local businesses, the town office and on-line (linked above). Thank you to the The Association of Vermont Conservations Commissions, the KOA Campgrounds, the Scott Farm, and Forest*Care for their generous support.

Current Projects

Our projects include sponsoring educational programs and Rain Garden oversight. Members are involved in stewardship of Black Mountain, Prospect Mountain, and Dutton Pines State Park. We are monitoring invasive insects and inventorying rare plants.For information on managing invasive plants on your land see In the spring of 2017 the commission donated new nature books to the Lydia Pratt Library and the Dummerston School. Our email outreach connects residents to activities and presentations in the area. In addition the Conservation Commission provides information to the Planning Commission as they work on the town plan, and the commission meets regularly with other local Conservation Commissions.

Wild (Poison) Parsnip

This plant has been found in Dummerston. Its sap can cause painful burns.

The Conservation Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Dummerston Town Office, Dummerston, VT. Anyone who has an interest in supporting the mission of the commission is welcome to attend. Meeting times and place are subject to change. Please check the events listing or call 257-0012 for further information.

Conservation Commission Members
Mary Ellen Copeland-Chair, Ed Anthes, Bill Schmidt, Lynn Levine, John Anderson, Betsy Whittaker, Bill Johnson, Jonathan Royce, Judy Fink