The following natural communities can be found in Dummerston.
Upland Natural Communities
Northern Hardwood Forest Formation: Forests of Widespread Distribution in Vermont’s Moderate Climate Areas
1. Northern Hardwood Forest
a. Variant: Beech-Red Maple-Hemlock
b. Variant: Sugar Maple-White Ash-Jack-in-the-pulpit
c. Variant: White Pine-Northern Hardwood Forest
2. Rich Northern Hardwood Forest
3. Mesic Red Oak-Northern Hardwood Forest
4. Hemlock Forest
5. Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest
a. Variant: Hemlock-White Pine-Northern Hardwood Forest

Oak-Pine-Northern Hardwood Forest Formation: Forests of Vermont’s Warmer Climate Areas
6. Red Pine Forest or Woodland
7. Pitch Pine-Oak-Heath Rocky Summit
8. Dry Oak Forest
9. Dry Oak-Hickory-Hophornbeam Forest
10. White Pine-Red Oak-Black Oak Forest
11. Transition Hardwood Talus Woodland

Open Upland Communities
Upland Shores
12. Riverside Outcrop

Outcrops and Upland Meadows
13. Temperate Acidic Outcrop

Cliffs and Talus
14. Temperate Acidic Cliff
15. Open Talus

Wetland Natural Communities
Floodplain Forests
16. Silver Maple-Ostrich Fern Riverine Floodplain Forest
17. Sugar Maple-Ostrich Fern Riverine Floodplain Forest

Hardwood Swamps
18. Red Maple-Black Ash Swamp

Softwood Swamps
18. Hemlock Swamp
a) Variant: Hemlock-Hardwood Swamp

Seeps and Vernal Pools
19. Seep
20. Vernal Pool


Marshes and Sedge Meadows
21. Shallow Emergent Marsh
22. Cattail Marsh

Wet Shores
23. River Mud Shore
24. River Sand or Gravel Shore
25. River Cobble Shore
26. Rivershore Grassland

Shrub Swamps
27. Alluvial Shrub Swamp
28. Alder Swamp