Dummerston Covered Bridge
Dummerston Covered Bridge
This page lists some GIS maps available for the Town of Dummerston, Vermont. These have been created by the Windham Regional Commission. Most maps are available in PDF format.

  • Base map (24×36) PDF – 2009, color base map of Dummerston, showing roads, structures, parcels, 50-foot contours, public lands, streams,and shaded relief.
  • Base map (11×17) PDF– 2006, smaller scale base map of Dummerston.
  • Building construction dates (8.5×11) PDF – estimated building construction dates for primary structures in town:  pre-1994, 1994-1998, 1998-2001, and 2001-2005.
  • Buildings constructed since 1994 (8.5×11) PDF – highlighing primary structures constructed since 1994.
  • Buildout status (8.5×11) PDF – buildout status of each parcel (i.e. whether additional development is allowed by zoning, or no additional development is allowed by zoning and so that the parcel is “built out”)
  • Large parcels and Land Ownership (8.5×11) PDF – displays large parcels and land ownership patterns, and some statistics on land ownership
  • Land Use Plan  8.5×11 PDF or 11×17 PDF – Future Land Use districts and overlay areas, from the 2014 Dummerston Town Plan
  • Private roads and drives (8.5×11) PDF – highlights private roads and drives, in turn highlighting development that extends back off public highways
  • Parcel size (8.5×11) PDF – displays size of each parcel, <2 acres, 2-5 acres, 5-10 acres, 10-20 acres, and > 20 acres.
  • Parcels enrolled in Use Value Appraisal (8.5×11) PDF – parcels enrolled in Vermont’s Use Value Appraisal (a.k.a. “current use”) program for tax year 2005.
  • Road Map (11×17) PDF – public and private roads, categorized by class and surface, with current road names, 2005
  • Orthophoto Map, Vt. (11×17) JPG – Vermont Mapping Program digital orthophoto, black & white, from Spring 2000
  • Orthophoto Map, NAIP (11×17) JPG – National Agricultural Imagery Program digital orthophoto, color, from Summer 2003
  • Public and Conservation Land (8.5×11) PDF – Large parcels in public ownership, or private lands with conservation easements.  Note:  old data from 2006!
  • Relief/ steep slope (8.5×11) PDF – slopes (15%-25%, >25%) with shaded relief
  • Relief/elevation (8.5×11) PDF – elevation with shaded relief
  • Undeveloped Areas and Road Corridors (8.5×11) PDF – areas greater than 600 feet from a primary structure (termed undeveloped for this map) and highlights major undeveloped road corridors
  • Zoning (11×17) PDF – current zoning districts
  • Wetlands (11×17) PDF – Wetlands, from National Wetlands Inventory data, catagorized by type, with a chart of wetland statistics


last updated 6/17/2015
for more information contact Jeff Nugent at WRC