HomeDiscover Dragonflies with Bob Engel
July 22, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Sweet Pond State Park
VT 05301

Dragonflies were among the pioneers of flight on planet Earth, and once stalked their prey on wings that were a foot long. Though smaller in size, modern dragonflies still inspire imaginative names: spreadwings, dancers, bluets, forktails, sprites, darners, snaketails, emeralds, skimmers, meadowhawks. . . Bob Engel will lead a walk to introduce these primitive, yet sophisticated, insects. Bob will teach participants to recognize the different groups and species of dragonflies.
Many good resources exist for those interested in learning to identify dragonflies, so after Bob’s introduction, anyone who catches the dragonfly “bug” can continue to learn.
Bob Engel is a Professor Emeritus from Marlboro College where he taught biology and environmental science for over 30 years. Sponsored by BEEC