All programs are free and open to the public (donations welcomed)

The Dummerston Conservation Commission in cooperation with The Bonnyvale Environmental Center sponsors many educational programs. Check out our Events page for information about upcoming programs. Here are links to BCTV’s broadcasts of past programs.

“Got Bats,” Alyssa Bennett, Wildlife Technician, Department of Fish and Wildlife

“Invasive Insects,” Jim Esden, forester, Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation

“Salamanders in Vermont,” Jim Andrews, Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project

“Birds of Prey,” Chris Petrak

“The Geology of Windham County” with Roger Haydock

“The Social Black Bear” with Ben Kilham

“Lyme Disease in a Complex Ecosystem” with Jeff Ward

“A New Way of Tracking” with Lynn Levine

“Conserving Your Land” Dummerston Conservation Commission Panel”

“Bob Engel:Biological Communities Pt 1”

“Bob Engel: Biological Communities Pt 2”

“Bob Engel: Biological Communities Pt 3”

“Bob Engel: Biological Communities Pt 4”

“Fish of Dummerston” with Kenneth Cox

“Clear Out Invasives” with Chris Polatin Pt. 1″

“Removing Invasives from Your Landscape” with Chris Polatin Pt.2

DCC:Dummerston Soils, Three Perspectives

Patti Smith – Porcupines 11/29/2016

Windham County:Past, Present, and into the Future Pt1 with Roger Haydock 2/1/2017

Windham County:Past, Present, and into the Future Pt2 with Tom Wessels 2/8/2017

Windham County:Past, Present, and into the Future Pt 3 with Patti Smith 2/15/2017

Windham County:Past, Present, and into the Future Pt 4 with Bob Engels 2/22/2017

Unexplained Astronomical Phenomenon with Claudio Veliz 3/28/2017

Lessons from the Long Trail with Deborah Lee Luskin 5/4/17

The Hurricane of 1938 with Stephen Long 8/24/17

An Archaeological History of Vermont 10/12/17

The Essential Beaver 11/15/17

Birds at Our Feeders 12/5/17

Focus on Weather with Mark Breen 2/8/2018

Focus on Weather Part 2 with Vern Grubinger 2/14/2018

Focus on Weather Part 3 The Effects of Human Interactions on Water Systems with Todd Meness 2/21/2018

Additional Videos and a PDF related to Todd Meness’ presentation:

…..Outdoor Journal: Rivers and Roads

….. Why Rivers Move and Erode

……And PDF River and Road Field Manual

Focus on Weather Part 4 Wildlife in a Changing Climate with Tom Rogers 2/28/2018

Creating and Managing Wildlife Habitat with Andrea Shortsleeve 4/25/2018

Planting for Pollinators Part 1 with Tom Sullivan 5/12/2018

Planting for Pollinators Part 2 with Tom Sullivan 5/12/2018

Hunting Wildflowers: A Ramble Through the Natural World with John Anderson 5/24/2018

Before It’s Too Late: Preserving New England’s Forests and Farmlands 6/10/2018

An Archaeological History of Vermont with Jess Robinson 10/23/2018

Deer Run Nature Preserve Community Informational Meeting 12/6/2018